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HTML/CSS and JavaScript Basics

This course is for people who have never programmed for a website before. If you own a business or you need a little bit of knowledge to make the changes to an existing website, then this course is for you. We will go through how to build a website starting from scratch!

Purchasable Product: Unlock Product

Build Twitter in a Weekend

This is a continuation of the last product. This time, we are creating a database website. A database website will allow you to be able to build: social medias, booking systems, message systems, forums, etc.


AI capabilities

AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities is only available to companies who hired us to upgrade their website.

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Experts sometimes need help too. We teach web developers how to code everything from scratch.


Welcome to Howie Harbor!

We believe that people are good to each other when they are a part of a loving community. We think the best way to create communities is through small businesses.

 We help communities thrive by enabling small businesses to reach their most loyal customers. Come join us!

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